Finding your gift and building your brand!

Being lost is something common that everyone deals with at least once in their life. Trying to understand who they are, and what they want to do as far as their goals.

For years I have found myself giving others ideas of a business they should go into as well as the advice on where to start, or what they can do, or how to expand their audience.

I have always been that person that’s more of staying in the background and being that creative director kind of person pushing others to achieve their goals, but once the spotlight becomes on me, I become mute and Lost, to the point I freeze up and my mind becomes blocked. Sitting at my desk with my pen in my hand and a blank piece of paper for hours trying to figure out what to write.

How do you overcome that?

Overcoming writers block or figuring out the goals you would like to do is pretty much simple to me now. Each day write down things that you are good at doing. For instances I am good at writing, public speaking, shopping, and as I stated before, creative ideas (that’s just a few things).

Now that you have the things that you are great at , try to find a common denominator within those things that you are good at and create a brand involving those things..

From a idea and a big brand.

With the things I am good at as well as being a creative director to others and giving ideas of what a person should do or where to start when they become lost , I decided to develop a brand in which supports everyone. A brand that promotes. All industries A brand that will be developed into a website created for a purpose to express, Music, Artistry, Business Management, Health, Promotion Events, Networking, Branding Entrepreneurships, Designing, Etc.

This Embraces all Cultures, giving all genders , ethic groups the platform to be heard. where people are entitled to live out their dreams.

because of my own personal experience being limited to opportunity as well as seeing favoritism within my own community, seeing people work with others who are only important to them. I want to create this brand and give those who have not been given a chance to express themselves, an opportunity to promote their talents. The opportunity to be that creative director.

The target will be the people who does not have a platform, or no support team to give them the advice of telling them where to start. With this brand as a developing artist nomatter what you do.

This brand will provide you with all your needs with starting your buisness and building your audience, whether it be a photo shoot, blog post, promotions to radio stations or different agencies introducing them to who you are. Within that brand their may be a clothing line for all people of shapes and sizes, magazines etc.

Just by writing those simple words of the things I am good at made me create an idea to build brand to help others. It takes a small step to motivate you to take a Big Jump.

Goal for 2018!

2018 is the year of finding yourself, and getting yourself together. You ever wonder why your single for so long or why you haven’t heard from anyone in a while. It’s GOD way of telling you this is the time to get yourself together before someone else comes into your life.

“Love yourself FIRST, before you start to love someone else


We always tend to be very kind and caring to others, to the point we never learn the word “NO” we always have to say “YES”.

We find ourselves feeling bad if we see someone down and always think of ways to help others whenever they are in need. CONGRATULATIONS!! You are labeled as the person to where if anyone needs help they know to call you because you will always be the one to help them out of their problems You are the person that always answer your phone for that person and don’t miss a single phone call or even let that phone call go to voicemail. You feel honored?

But the question that you should always ask yourself is are you benefiting the person or are you just a benefit to him/her?

What exactly do you mean about being a benefit?

WELL THATS A GOOD QUESTION!!!Beneficial means that you are always giving and never tend to receive you are the person that always help out someone when they need you, but once you give a helping hand you don’t hear back from that person ever again.

How many times have you helped someone out and once your duty is done the next time you hear from them is when they need another helping hand?, Or better yet, how many times have you gone out of your way to help someone but never once receive a phone call or a text being asked if you, yourself need anything?

Caring is illegal!!

In my last blog “caring is illegal” I have spoke about caring too much to the point you are being used. And learning the word “NO” you have to be able to give that tough love whether it’s a friend, family member, significant other etc. being a “Yes men” is something you should never be, at times it’s always good to care from a distance to protect your feelings. It’s ok to have that person back from a distance and just being that person that just calls and checks up on him/her to make sure they are ok. It’s ok to let that phone call go to voicemail. Or having A simple 3 second phone call. Just to make sure that person is nowhere near in danger.

Learn how to just step back and love and care from a distance other wise you will just become a benefit to that person and you will forever be used. It’s always great to give that tough love!

Love thyself!

Love thyself!

Whatever happen to loving the skin your in? Everyone has been apart of body shaming at least once in their life. Am I right? Even if it’s telling someone that they are too skinny or too big or being called too skinny or too big, maybe being picked on about your weight or any other parts of your assets. Why can’t we all just love the skin that we are in and worry about other things that actually matter in life?

“Love yourself, and continue being who you are as a person!”

Just because someone tells you, you look a certain way and that you should change something concerning YOUR body… Wait a minute! Let me repeat that! … “YOUR BODY ” doesn’t mean to go change it. If you love the way you look then you lift your head high and you continue doing what you doing. I have been told I need to go to the gym or I need to be more productive or I always get told “you need wash your face better, your face is breaking out” blah blah blah! Who cares!.

if you are trying your hardest and doing everything that you can do just to make yourself look beautiful then just ignore the things people say and keep it moving.

“Just because you are insecure about yourself don’t mean to pull me down with you!”

I always tell people the reason other people talk about you is because they are insecure with the way they look or feel! If we all just enjoy life and not worry about what other people think or what other people say about the way we look and stop being so negative all the time and just love one another for who we are, this world would be a whole lot better place.

It’s your body, your skin your life… if you got it, you flaunt and do not ever be shy about it! Always have confidence in yourself.


We often try to think about what we want to do with our life. Some of us just go by what’s trending in the world to figure out our career goals. But if you are following the crowd and pursuing a career that everyone else is doing then you will forever be lost.

It’s ok to sit back and actually take time and try out a lot of different hobbies to see if it’s right for you. But don’t go following the crowd and force yourself to do something you don’t want to do.

As we get older we reach a certain age thinking we were suppose to have our life figured out. But it didn’t go as planned. Don’t stress yourself out! You still have time!. Sit back and think of the favorite hobbies you like to do! And create a buisness doing it.

I created the name entitled because I thought something was missing within the world, a lot of people voices not being heard or faces not being seen. Talented individuals trying to make their way in the industry but lost and don’t know what path to take in order for their talent to be seen or heard. I love listening and watching new developed artist so why not create something where I, myself can express my feelings and speak about real issues as well as share and update everyone about new artist and their work. The name ENTITLED in my eyes means NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS! The sky is the limit so why not make it into a brand and the first step to it is creating a blog!! Enjoy! 😁

Caring is illegal!

Have you ever found yourself caring too much to the point it pushed your significant away?. You think that going all out for a person and loving them unconditional is something they appreciate, But then you find yourself in a pit full of lies thinking they cared deeply about you as you do to them and then you suddenly find out the reason they been with you for so long is because you were only beneficial to them! Giving them everything they wanted while they are with someone else and you didn’t even know all of this time until now?.

CARING TO MUCH IS ILLEGAL! infact caring too much is dangerous. It’s a way to get your heart quickly broken, and you find yourself in a dark space to where you can’t eat nor sleep and just mad at the world to the point you can’t function nor can you even try your hardest to crack a smile. You walk around thinking everything is so good when deep down inside you know it’s far from good. The guy or girl you loved or really liked stopped speaking to you and only used you for beneficial reasons has a whole new life with someone else that you never knew about this whole time.

It’s amazing yet sad to know that now-a-days it’s hard to find someone who cares about you as much as you care about them. Making sure that person is well taken care of before you can make sure that you yourself is well taking care of. The person who chased you around for months and finally gave a chance, to only find out you was in a fake relationship being beneficial to that person.

YOU CAN NOT LET THEM KNOW YOU CARE A LOT AND PUTTING THEM BEFORE YOURSELF! Next time you end a relationship and start over on a new one think about the things you have done that have pushed that significant other away and try to do the opposite. Now wait a minute!…. I’m not saying if you were nice to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend be mean in the next relationship. What I am saying is if you were over the top crawling on your knees and breaking your back to make sure your significant other was ok and well taking care of. Then in your next relationship still do the same but only give a little at a time. Learn the word “NO” you don’t always have to be a “Yes men” Make sure you are well taking care of before your significant other, put yourself first and do the things that make you happy before you take care of someone else!, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PROTECT YOUR HEART! The last thing you need is another broken heart. Taking care of your self first is the way to avoid another broken Heart and going into another depressed phase. How can you make someone else happy if you are not happy within yourself.